Reference: Higher or lower preferred?

This will be a dynamic document to document all the scenarios where it’s not clear which is better; A higher value or a lower value?

I have noticed that as a general rule; For layer 2 technologies a lower value is preferred and for layer 3 a higher value is prefered. The purpose of this post is to keep a list so I can see if this rule holds out or is proven wrong on some occasions.


ValueDefault ValuePreferred value
HSRP Priority100Higher
BGP Local-preference100Higher
BGP Weight (Cisco)0Higher
Spanning-tree bridge ID32768Lower
Router ID auto selectionIP Address1Higher

1The highest active configured IP on a loopback is preferred. If there are no lookbacks then the highest IP address on an active interface is chosen next.

Palo Alto

ValueDefault ValuePreferred value
HA Device Priority100Lower2

2The palo alto documentation covers this is a very confusing manner. It states that the device with the highest device priority is chosen as the active. It goes on to say that a lower integer value means the device has a higher priority.